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Wired and Wireless:
Our team have worked with Wireless links to transport data (both transparent and layer dependent from Spread Spectrum to HF and VHF). 

Using leased lines from MTN and Uganda Telecommunications Limited (both Inter-Town and Intra-Town) to provide data transport and linkage for various clients named above. 

In addition our staff have implemented networks running on the following cabling systems; Token Ring, Universal Twisted Pair (UTP), Fiber Optic backbone and Coaxial Cabling.

Hardware and Peripherals

Apart from the regular Computer Hardware and peripherals (modems, printers, Network Interface Cards, Scanners, DAT and Tape Drives, CD-ROMs etc.) we have extensive experience with routers (by CISCO and 3COM) and Multiplexers for both Voice and Data (by MICOM and Newbridge – now Alcatel).   Our team also have vast experience with Terminal Communication Servers/Concentrators (by Bay Networks, Livingston, US Robotics and Connectix) to provide both multiple network access via dial-in and dumb terminal to server access.

By keeping up with the latest developments in the fast moving industry, we have been able to provide and implement cost effective solutions for our clients.  We position ourselves as a one-stop shop for technical solutions, trouble shooting and service.

Serval Ltd. has a number full-time Engineers, Project Managers, Software Designers, Database specialists and is able to recruit highly skilled people on a per project basis.  As we are a company, which has, shown a lot of promise, we expect to grow as demand for our services increases. 

Our team have done some work for clients in Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi, and look forward to expanding regionally by partnering with equally talented Information Technology oriented firms.

More information on our company and staff is available upon request.