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Consulting Projects:

We have undertaken a few projects that combine many aspects and talents

Kinyara Sugar Works in Masindi Town.  Installation and setup of a Primary

and Backup Linux database server to run Oracle 8i.  The database server is the primary financial platform for the factory.  Setup included a journaling file system, Oracle standard partitioning and security and kernel enhancements to optimize performance.  In addition UPS monitoring scheme via our software scripts on the file database servers was set up with notification to enable proper shutdown of the database incase of power failure.
Re-installation and setup of the Primary and Secondary LINUX servers

for CBINET/CNI, Burundi's only Internet Service Provider.  Re-segmentation of the CBINET/CNI Class C IP addresses for more efficient and faster network access by reprogramming the CISCO routers. See http//:www.cbinf.com. This entailed the virtual re-setup of the Internet Service Provider over a period of one week.
USAID funded project implemented by State University of New York (SUNY)
to set up a VSAT Internet Link for the Parliament of Uganda.  As consultants we handled the project from inception to commissioning, including drawing up tenders for equipment needed.  The project included installation of a Satellite dish, installation of a LAN and a WAN.  Installations of Servers (LINUX), routers, dial-in access servers.  Also included was work done on a Web based mail software package to enable people to check their mail via a web browser.

Ministry of Defence computerization of payment and identification systems

for the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF). As the project consultants, we designed solution parameters for the Computerization of records, pay and identification system for the UPDF which included creating platforms to facilitate the implementation of the project, formulated and compiled a Request for Proposals manual for the Integrated Resource Management Information System (IRMIS) project.
Installation configuration and setup of Web Based Groupware system
(OpenExchange) for the National Forestry Authority (NFA) in Uganda.  Covers 70 users in Kampala head office and 30 users in 5 upcountry offices. Seamless calendaring, email, project planning and portal.
Electoral Commission Disaster Recovery Project. We were contracted to

 analyze the status of existing Database Systems and design solution parameters on how to Data warehouse the information and recovery systems in case of a disaster.

Installation and setup of Primary Windows NT 4.0/2000 server and Primary LINUX server for the University of Burundi connection to the Internet via wireless Breezecom Ethernet extenders.  The project was funded by UNDP and included the setup of Web services and complete email services for the whole campus.